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The Fassa Valley is one of those privileged places where nature has generously dispensed some gifts of singular beauty and where the meeting between man and nature reaches the top of its meaning.

Fassa ValleyThe Valley is set in the heart of the Alps and is surrounded by the most known mountains of the world: the Dolomites. Indeed, the Fassa Valley can be seen as the synonym of Dolomites: from the Queen of the Dolomites, the “Marmolada”, to the “Catinaccio” and known in the legends as the abode of King Laurino, to the “Sassolungo”, just to cite the most important massifs. Magic pinnacles, protagonists of thousands of legends, magic mountains where the Ladin people live: this proud population, living here since 2000 years, is now an ethnic minority protected in its language, culture and traditions. These mountains have deeply contributed to mark the first steps for the world-wide alpinism and have given prosperity to this valley. The long lasting tradition of hospitality offered by this valley is the best guarantee for efficient services and modern structures: the uniqueness of the landscape, the beauty of the mountains surrounding the Valley, its woods, its lakes and villages will assure unforgettable holidays in the untouched nature of the Fassa Valley.


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