The summer season is one of the most important periods for the tourism sector in Italy and all throughout Europe.
To reactivate tourist flows, especially international ones, the national institutions of all European countries are focusing heavily on projects that favor internal mobility.

Surely the first and most important will be the “European Green Pass”.

The European Green Pass is a system that will allow the travellers to move within the territories of the member states.

To obtain it, it will be necessary to be vaccinated, recovered or negative for Covid-19. The European Commission is working to finalize the functioning of the certificate which, according to what was said by the EU Commissioner for the Internal Market Thierry Breton, will be ready by 1 June and will have to be implemented by the Member States to reach full operation in July.

To obtain the Green Pass, which will work via an application on mobile devices, it will be necessary to have been vaccinated with a drug recognized by the EMA, to have tested negative for a coronavirus test before departure, or to prove that you have been cured of the virus. It is comforting, in the documentation released, that the “principle of non-discrimination” is emphasized towards unvaccinated people.

The Commission stressed that the Green Pass will be a temporary measure that will be suspended once the WHO declares the end of the international health emergency.

Italy also offers solutions on its national territory:

The Italian government approved yesterday, April 21, the development of the “green certification“, the pass to be able to move between regions of different colors. It will last for a maximum of six months for the vaccinated and recovered and 48 hours for those who will undergo antigen or molecular tests with negative results and will remain in force until the activation of the European platform.

There is also some concrete work on the transport sector, with various experiments related to Covid tested flights between Italy and the USA which, although still not valid for tourism, are the beginning of the works for the activation of corridors that will allow foreign tourists to enter in Italy.


Finally, also important is the commitment of italian railway company “Ferrovie dello Stato” with Covid free trains, currently operating on the Rome – Milan route, which in the coming weeks will cover up to 90 destinations throughout the country.

We are preparing to welcome you and allow you to travel to Italy safely.