Who We Are

Since 1947 we have been working in the organisation of travels for groups or privates around Italy and Europe.

We have our own coaches and expert guides that contribute to give you a large number of options to choose and a high standard of quality in services. We are specialized in hotel booking, in Europe, Mediterranean and East area and in creation and management of the so called MiniTours. We can make personal your travel or help groups to find the best route in order to make the way unforgettable. Europeando assures quality and accessibility in every kind of our travel. With us, you can feel as at home and you can live a wonderful trip… full of surprises!
We are at your beck and call at any time. 24 hours service guarantees security and control for any passenger.

Where We Are

Acqui Terme is a city and commune of Piedmont, northern Italy, in the province of Alessandria. It is about 35 km SSW of Alessandria.

Piazza ItaliaThe hot sulphur springs have been famous since this was the Roman town of Aquae Statiellae; the ancient baths are referred to by Paulus Diaconus and the chronicler Liutprand of Cremona. In 1870 Giovanni Ceruti designed a little pavillion, known as La Bollente, for the spot at the centre of the town where the waters bubble up at 75°C.

In the Roman period the place was connected by road with Alba Pompeia and Augusta Taurinorum (Turin). The local Ligurian tribe of the Statielli had joined the Romans at an early period, but were attacked in 173 BCE and most of them were transferred to the north of the Po. In the neighbourhood of the town, near the river Bormida, there are the remains of the aqueduct which supplied it.

In the 6th century it became part of the Lombard kingdom of northern Italy. Acqui was ruled by its bishop from 978, becoming an independent commune in 1135. In 1278 it was annexed to the Marquisate of Montferrat, to which it belonged until the acquisition by the Duchy of Savoy.

It was connected by a railway line to Genoa in 1892.

The town’s Gothic cathedral, entitled to Santa Maria Assunta, was built in the late 10th century and consecrated in 1067 by bishop Guido. It is a Romanesque edifice on the Latin cross plan, with a nave and four (originally two) aisles. The façade has a main portal sculpted by Antonio Pilacorte, a late 15th century rose window and a 17th century portico. The Gothic bell tower is from 1479. The interior houses a late 15th-century triptych by the Spanish artist Bartolomé Bermejo and a Baroque altar of St. Guido.

The Palaeologi Castle, mentioned for the first time in 1056. It was rebuilt in the 15th century by Marquis William VII of Montferrat.Church of San Pietro or Addolorata, of Palaeo-Christian origins. It was almost entirely rebuilt in the 10th-11th centuries in Romanesque style, when it become a Benedictine abbey. It was again largely renovated in the 18th century, being returned to a neo-Romanesque appearance in the 1930s.

Church of St. Francis. It includes two 15th century cloisters of the former Franciscan convent.

Package Tours
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Europeando europa s.r.l. is a Tour Operator. Born in the 1990s, taking advantage of a long experience in the ambit of local transport and as a travel agency, it still works with them, Laiolo Bus and I Viaggi di Laiolo.

Europeando especially maintains contact with them for transfers, coaches hire and package tours with many different distances.

The relation between the agency and the customers has been changing for many years, creating a friendship and intimate atmosphere. We were able to modify our trips typology, our means of transport but we have always maintained a professionally high staff, drivers and guides. We always study carefully all the roads, facilities and places to go before giving any suggestion to the client.

We are different, first of all, because we give you personalised programs and services according to your wish and interests. You have only to come here with your trip idea and dates: we take care about everything. We find out for you means of transport, guided tours, hotels, restaurants: everything we want is to make you feel as at home, even if you are several kilometres far.

We organise all the trips – and we’re proud to stress it – in a manic way: we search the availability of your hotels, the best fees in 3 and 4 stars hotel, the best position, local guides with a long experience with us, low cost flights, ferries, our GT coaches perfectly examined every year and driven by great experience drivers, a staff at your total disposal 24 hours per day.

Europeando look after and organise the trips of the agency “I Viaggi di Laiolo”, (please visit www.iviaggidilaiolo.com) and give them availability to hire any kind of coach.

Our trips concern a wide range of interests for our clients: excursions, religious tourism, visit to capitals in traditional or low cost way by coach, visits to our country in all its aspects: seaside, lakes, mountain, tours by ferry; we are interested in wine and food tourism. We can’t forget the trips we prepare for schools and our customers from South America, Australia and Canada.

Long trips occupy a really interesting corner of this list: every year we make a trip to some amazing but always wild and forgotten lands: Chile, South Argentina, Central China, Russia, Far East.

This year we are glad to offer a special “Fashion box” for fashion addicts: a Milan half day shopping with your own personal shopper, a local girl expert in fashion who rules a fashion blog! Fashion tour

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About Our Coaches

We have been travelling since four generations ago through the nicest places of the world.

Passion, experience, high-level facilities and a professional staff travel with you through many itineraries to find out new and unforgivable places and countries.

Travel by coach is the best way to visit and know a country and its cities.

Please contact us to require our weekend trips, pilgrimages to Lourdes and St. Pio of Petralcina and also our one day-trips.

Our modern coaches are equipped with all modern cons, our drivers and guides know perfectly all itineraries to make your trip a dream.

You can contact us to rent a GT coach with 54, 56 or 64 seats or just an 8 seats minivan or a 16, 19 or 30 seats bus: please require a budget! As soon as possible we’ll contact you by fax, phone or email to give you availability, budget and suggest you all options to make your trip made to measure for you.

You can choose a one day, weekend or many days hire or you can take a transfer from and to the greatest Northern Italian airports and ports.

Our customers say…

The scenary was sensational. The bus and the hotel facilities were quite nice. I liked that we were in the middle of the city and that we had our lunches and dinners free.

N. W., Australia, October 2017

The itinerary was very comprehensive […] We were happy with the hotels. They were well located.

J. M., Australia, September 2017

Aspects about the tour I particularly like was that it was not a large group. This tour enabled us to to see much of the beautiful Itaian Lakes area in a short tour. The four boat trips offered different experiences of the Lakes and opportunities to explore islands on the lakes. The visits to the islands and to towns on the lakesides also provided plenty of free time to explore by ourselves.

S. R.D., Australia, June 2017

Thank you again for the fantastic job you did for the tour of the Northern Lakes and Ligurian coast. We have a had a wonderful month in Italy. All best wishes and we may get in in touch when we are planning our next trip to Italy – hopefully in the near future.

R. and E. G., Australia, October 2016

Thanks for the amazing trip to your beautiful country. We really enjoyed the tour! Thanks!

M. and A. G, Australia, October 2016

Amazing tour, more than what we expected. Nice places, great guides and TL. Thanks for everything!!!

R. and B.B, U. S., October 2015

The tour was fantastic, and memorable for us. Our tour guide was exceptionally knowledgeable, considerate, friendly and ever helpful. We would recommend it to anyone. The Lakes and towns were beautiful, the accommodation excellent.

G. C., Australia, April 2015

Fantastic trip, amazing places and good food! We will come back soon!

J. R. and D. F., Australia, May 2014

Many many thanks for a wonderful few days in your amazing land: Liguria!

S. J., Australia, May 2013

That was the dream of my life. I will come back next June, of course. Grazie mille…

A. T., Australia, June 2012

My wife and I went on your last 2011 tour of the Dolomites. We were the only people on tour and we want you to know how pleased we were with the service […] provided. The tour was adapted to fit in with our interests and past experiences. We had visited Verona in 1994, so we travelled to the Dolomites on an alternative route, via Sirmione and Riva del Garda. This was an absolute treat for us, and quite unexpected. At all times we felt safe on the roads. […] While the Dolomites played their part, your service made our trip one that we will never forget.

J. and J. D., Australia, October 2011

I went on your Tour of the Lakes. I travelled alone and that scared me a bit. Actually, the tour was memorable, fun and highly recommended […]

C. B., Australia, September 2011

It was long time I wanted to visit the region of the lake and the experience was great!! Weather helped us, but your staff make my trip unforgettable. See you soon in Sydney!!

J. J., Australia, August 2011

Only two words: thanks and thanks again! Everyhting was wonderful and that was our first trip to Italy. Wish to come back…

Mr. and Mrs. T., New Zealand, August 2011

Thanks for everything, for your experience, your suggestions and your ability to tailor the tour on our knowledge. The group was large but we enjoyed a lot joining people from any part of the world.

Family S., Philippines, April 2011

Thank you for a fantastic tour. We both really enjoyed it. I am sure we will be talking about it for a long time. Ciao!

R. and A., Australia, November 2010

Thank you for the information on the tour – much appreciated. Maybe we will see each other again on another one.

N. C., Australia, July 2009