1.1- Accommodation in rooms with bathroom and toilet embedded in hotels indicated in each intinerary. When hotel is specified as “hotel or similar” and customer does not require strictly the first one of the list, no claims will be accepted in case of change with another one of the list. When a customer needs a single room, must pay an additional fee.       

1.2- Rooms are usually available at 2 pm ; if customer arrives before, room maybe could not be available. Rooms must be left before 12 am ; anyway, additional fees may be required by the hotel.

1.3- Meals indicated in each program are as follows: half board includes European breakfast, lunch or dinner; full board includes European breakfast, lunch and dinner.

1.4- All meals indicated result as in an agreement for groups made with hotels with an established menu; for that reason, time and menu must be respected.

1.5- Arrival or departure Transfers, made by private car, bus or taxi may be realized only having exact flight times at least 5 days before.

Driver will wait for passengers with a sign having their name.

1.6- Visits and trips in each itinerary with local guides speaking English including entrances only where indicated.

1.7- Coach or minivan having air conditioning in summer and efficient heating in winter. Seats must be confortable and reclining.

1.8- In Our Mini Tours a guide English speaking since 6 people; otherwise a driver/guide attends the group for all the tour, beginning and finishing in the same hotel and city.

1.9- Ferry, boats or train ticket where indicated.



2.1- Porters, extras as coffee, wine, mineral water, special food (also in Full board reservation, unless if indicated differently).

2.2- Private and optional visits. Anyway, this optional visits can be presented on the spot but does not belong to the original offer with its conditions.

2.3- When customers wish an extra, like a single room that the travel agency can’t offer, agency have only to refund a proportional part paid for that service and not else.

2.4– Everything not indicated in “Price includes”

2.5Please note that all our quotations do not include the accommodation tax valid in many Italian cities.



3.1- We have the right to change, in case of force majeure and without any notice, without responsabilities. In case of partial or full cancellation of the trip, we must only refund the cancelled item.



4.1- All tour by coach must be realized with an average luggage and a hand luggage piece. Driver or guide may reject any weight eccess that could limit the passengers security.

4.2- Personal objects are not part of the travel deal. Each passenger must look at his own luggage all time. In case of damage or lost item please contact immediately your agency and our drivers or guide.



5.1- This paper is valid from the first day of the first trip till the last one in the “Low” or “High” season. Please look at our schedule.

5.2- All prices are based on money exchange in force when the catalogue is published. For that reason, changes are possible without any previous communication.


6.1- All users (children included) must read and know the internation trasnport rules and laws before departing. They must know when visa or vaccine are required. In case of entrance denied for anyone of the reasons indicated above, we never have responsibilities.

Take your passport before leaving and ask to your agency what underages have to do with passport and documents.

All extra payments are your own risk and danger.

6.2- If a guaranteed departure for any reason can’t be confirmed, we refund only the amount paid at the moment.

6.3- We have the right to require to a customer to leave the tour in case of not suitable behaviour. In that case, we must simply refund the services not used by the customer.



7.1- Cancellations are valid only when your Operator receive our positive answer by fax or e-mail.

7.2- Cancellation policies are as follows:


7.2.1)     70% from 1 to 3 days before the departure

  • 50% from 3 to 4 days before the departure

  • 30% from 14 to 21 days before the departure


7.1.4)     No expenses till 72 hours before the departure

7.1.5)     After that time, 100% for cancellation.

  • In case of private or special packaging contact us before purchasing the product in order to know the policy.

7.2- All services cancelled or not used by customers due to their decision will not be refund.



8.1- All services must be paid totally at least ten days before the departure; last chance is to pay on the spot, but only if accepted by us. If payment will not be done, we can reject the passenger at the beginning of the service. Note the payment on the spot is not our regular way to work and it is used only in extreme case as the last favour.



9.1- Any tipe of claim, either presented by us or by you will have to be shown to the Tribunal of Alessandria, renouncing any other place or town.

9.2- Claims must be send by mail, having also vouchers or paper which prove our involvement.

9.3- Claims received ten days after the end of the service will not be admitted, due to the delay.



10.1- As a tour operator, we act as intermediary between our customers and people or companies, i.e., coach hire, ferry service lines, airlines, hotels, railways and other tour operators having full responsibility in the accomplishment of the services, unless in case of: delay, strikes, earthquake, quarantine or other force majeures; accident or anything happened to passengers or their proprieties  not depending on us or our partner. We are not responsible in flight delay too.

10.2- When you reserve one of our itineraries, you accept everything as above in conditions, notes and rights.

10.3- In case of special events, dates or fairs, if passengers can’t be accomodated in the city as indicated in the itinerary, will be accommodated in the neigbourhood in a equal or superior hotel without any right to claim.

10.4- The sale of these itineraries by our agents does not include their responsibility in case of lacks by the Operator, unless its name was hidden.

10.5- Everything not included in these General Conditions follows the CEE directive 314/90 and the international convention concerning, the Bruxelles Convention on April 20th, 1970 and the Berna Convention on February, 25th, 1961 about railways traffic and tourist packaging.